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History of Peeps

In 1910, Russian Sam Born moves to the US from France, where he learned the art of making chocolates. Later he invented a machine to automatically place sticks in lollipops.

In 1917, Sam Born opened a small chocolate shop in New York City. His chocolate was made fresh every day and he would put a sign "Just Born" in the window to let customers know when new chocolates were ready. That's how the company became Just Born!

In 1923, Sam Born starts his own manufacturing company in Brooklyn, NY Irv and Jack Shaffer, Sam's brothers-in-law, join the company to help sell the candy.

In 1932, Just Born relocates to Bethlehem, PA, specializing in fine chocolates.

In 1953, Just Born buys the Rodda Candy Company. Best known for its jelly beans, Rodda also made marshmallow chicks, which Sam Born found "intriguing". Each was made by hand, squeezing marshmallow out of a pastry tube into the chick shape.

In 1954, Bob Born helps develop special machinery that could make many PEEPS chicks at one time. Just Born becomes the biggest marshmallow candy company in the world!

In the 1960's, Just Born starts making seasonal marshmallow products under the Rodda Candy Company name - holiday trees and snowmen and Halloween pumpkins and cats.

In the 1980's, the demand for PEEPS treats increases and the Giant Bunny is introduced.

In 1995, lavender PEEPS are added as the fourth color, after yellow, pink, and white.

In 1998, blue PEEPS showed up in stores to celebrate Just Born's 75th anniversary.

In 1999, vanilla crème Flavored Eggs, the first-ever flavored PEEPS are introduced.

In 2000, a big year for PEEPS, when it gets colorful new packaging and its holiday lineup appears: Strawberry Crème Flavored Hearts for Valentine's Day and Eggs for Easter.

2001 saw the addition of PEEPS Cookie Flavored Cutouts for Christmas and Vanilla Crème Flavored Hearts for Valentine's Day.

In 2002, Just Born adds PEEPS marshmallow Stars for summer and Cocoa Bats, the first-ever cocoa flavored PEEPS. Now consumers can enjoy PEEPS all year long!

In 2003, PEEPS celebrated its 50th anniversary. The PEEPS chick float appeared in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the PEEPS Fun Bus program began, and was relaunched.

In 2005, the PEEPS chick hatches out of a chocolate egg!

And the rest is marshmallow history!

This website was inspired by my love of marshmallow peeps! Go Marshmallow peeps!